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Coffee – Gourmet

Beans generally last 3 weeks in a paper bag or longer in vacuum-seal bag. Though after this time, color or flavor may be affected, but it’s still safe to consume. Ground coffee last 1...

Coffee – Canned Ground

Coffee in canned ground last 2 years if it’s unopened and last 1 month if it’s inside refrigerator.  

Chocolate (Hershey bar)

Most chocolate last several months, but don’t you know that this chocolate last long?  Yes! It expire 1 year from production date.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar has no defined expiration. If it turns hard, just put a piece of white bread in the package and seal it overnight. It will be like new next day.

Air Freshener – Aerosol

Anywhere, world wide spent too much just to make it sure that anywhere in their homes would smell fragrance. That’s it! Air freshener did a major role in our homes when it comes freshen...


Did you know beer can last 4 months if not opened?

There Is No Expiration Date On Addiction

There Is No Expiration Date On Addiction

Successfully Recover From An Alcohol Addiction   Steps you should take on the road to recovery Alcohol addiction impacts millions of people every year, and is a very difficult problem to overcome.  Without the...